As head of The Room Education Centre, Sultan Ahmed has a wealth of experience in the education sector, and able to work across numerous disciplines and varying skill levels. Read his introduction below;

“In addition to my BEng. in Chemical Engineering, I hold a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and QTS in Mathematics. These experiences help me bring the curriculum to life for my students as I can contextualise concepts in an engineering setting. I have successfully been part of the teaching profession for the last 14 years and I am passionate and driven about continuing this. I have a vast range of experience in teaching across all ability ranges and all manner of students to extend their fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

I am fully aware of the national changes to the Mathematics and Science courses and can deliver it in an accessible, positive and challenging manner. I am a keen proponent of incorporating IT in to the classroom and provide pupils with opportunities to learn through digital media, with the aim of developing more independent learners.

Sultan Ahmed

In 2009, I was appointed as a Math’s Leader -: second in mathematics which involved me taking responsibility of year 7, 8 and 9. More recently, I am teaching both Maths and Science at ks3 and ks4. The value-added analyses placed our faculty in the top ten percent in recent years and my contributions to pupil successes were significant. When I last taught at the C/D border, my class all achieved a grade C, through amazing commitment levels from my students and my constant encouragement, guidance and perseverance.

I have had significant success throughout all the year groups I have taught in, and the progression that all the student’s make because of my teaching has been judged to be good. My pupils’ GCSE results are, and continue to be, above the national average progress rates.

My wealth of experience in terms of revision exam techniques and subject knowledge of both Mathematics and Science at all levels greatly support the Townhall Academy Programme.

All my tuition is tailored to achieving the maximum benefit for each type of student, whether by way of traditional teacher explanation and workbooks, or inclusive of newer technologies such as relevant apps which aid times tables, Algebra, and more.

I will be providing teaching materials to support progression regularly. These can include past papers with marks and mark schemes, past paper question packs on specific topics and I have a range of revision sheets which will be used for their homework.”

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