Maths Tutoring

Give the gift of education and change your child’s life with Maths tutoring from The Room Education Centre

Our maths programme ranges from KS2 up to both foundation and higher KS4. Upon your first time with us, your child is assessed both on their level of education and preferred learning style to help us create a comprehensive, unique way of progressing. All study at The Room Education Centre is set to the level of the pupil and allows our pupils to learn in a comfortable environment in the way they find most effective.

How does it work?

At The Room Education Centre, we run regular classes across the disciplines of Maths and Science. If you’d like to see when certain classes our, please take a look at the timetable on this website. We ensure that your child learns in their most effective manner in their time with us, as well as providing materials that allow them to learn outside of our time together.

With advanced knowledge of both the Maths and Science curriculums, from 9 years and over, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that we provide a comprehensive learning experience.


Our maths topics cover the entire range of the curriculum. At The Room Education Centre, all of our work is unique and depends on the requirements of your child. As such, we may choose to focus on specific topics as necessary.

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If you think your child could benefit from one of our maths programmes, don’t hesitate to contact us through the methods below;